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AWS Technology Partner

Pellucent Technologies is AWS Technology Partner

We are excited to announce that we are now AWS Technology Partner.

Pellucent's Conversational A.I. product is a SaaS solution, hosted on Amazon Web Services platform and helps Public Libraries to quickly onboard and make their information easily available to their patrons on Voice Assistants, such as, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

We are backed by some of the most influencial Library systems in the country and are constantly adding amazing features to our solution offering.

If you are a library system, looking to get your information on Virtual Assistants, whether it is your Event Calendar, or Patron Activity, or Catalog Search, and much more, we can help you get started.

Reach out to us at by email or Contact Us Form to engage our team.

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Serving Patrons Using Voice Assistants at Worthington

At Worthington Public Library, the emergence of voice assistant technology and smart speakers seemed promising. Working with a member of its community, the library introduced Alexa Skills and an Action for Google Assistant, which focus on informing patrons about library events and programs.

By - Susan Allen (Technology Director, Worthington Libraries), Avneet Sarang (Senior Director, Pellucent Technologies)


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This Week Community News

Library Lines: Libraries offer more than books

Although Worthington Libraries leaders are happy the library is the place where you borrow books, DVDs and more, we also pride ourselves on developing the services you need and want before you realize you need or want them.

Although there are some services you should expect, we offer others that might surprise you. Read on to learn more about unique services you’ll want to know more about.

Voice assistants

Use your voice to find out what’s happening at the library. With an Amazon Echo or Google Home smart speaker, or with the Google Assistant app and your smartphone, you can ask about Worthington Libraries events.

An Alexa Skill and a Google Action, both developed specifically for the library, are available. Once enabled -- directions to do so can be found on the library’s website at -- you can search for events at any of our locations.

Ask your smart speakers or smartphone questions like: What’s happening today at Worthington Park Library? Are there any events for teens at Northwest Library this weekend? What’s going on tomorrow at Old Worthington Library?


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Daily Bulletin: Tech Talk

Look up library events on Echo

Delaware County District Library patrons can now find events at their local branch by simply asking Alexa.

The library system has a new offering that allows Amazon Echo users to access happenings at all four of its branches through Alexa, the wireless device’s virtual assistant. DCDL officials said in the announcement they believe the Alexa Skill is a unique offering among libraries. It was developed by patron Avneet Sarang, who works at Pellucent Technologies, a Central Ohio tech consulting company.

Patrons can enable the skill on their Echo through Amazon’s website or the app for Alexa. The library unveiled the new technology Aug. 9.

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Got a question about a library event? Ask Alexa

A Liberty Township man has given his fellow Delaware County District Library patrons an easy and hands-free way to find out what’s going on at the district’s four locations.

Patrons now can ask Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, what events are scheduled for the library system by using their Amazon Echo devices or smartphones.

Avneet Sarang, a senior director at Pellucent Technologies, joined library staff Aug. 9 at the Powell branch to debut the new “skill” for Alexa.

Sarang, who ordered his first Echo earlier this year, said the device immediately struck him as a new, fun way to explore his passion for coding. He said he came up with the idea to make the library’s events calendar accessible via Alexa after asking the Echo what was going on at the Powell branch and getting no reply.

“I think getting that information using (your) voice is the future, and I’m excited to create such a skill for the Delaware County District Library,” he said.

Patrons can enable the skill by searching for “Delaware County District Library” in the Alexa and Echo section of or through the Alexa mobile app.

After the skill is enabled, users can ask Alexa questions such as: “Are there any events today at the Orange library?” and “What’s going on tomorrow at the Powell library?”

George Needham, director of the Delaware County District Library, called the debut of the system’s own Alexa skill “very exciting.”

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to be the first library in Ohio to offer this sort of a service,” he said.

Library spokeswoman Nicole Fowles said patrons should leave reviews online at the skill store or offer critiques on the skill to library staff.

“Any suggestions people have, we would be happy to roll (those) out in versions 2.0 and 3.0 (of the skill),” she said.

Sarang said his contribution was an effort to give back to the library system that’s given so much to him and his family.

“We just love you guys for what you do,” he said to the Powell branch’s staff during his presentation.

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New Alexa Skill debuts this week at DCDL

“Alexa, open Delaware Library,” is something you might find yourself saying very soon.

Delaware County District Library patrons who celebrated Amazon Prime Day by purchasing an Echo, or who already own an Echo, will now find a new Alexa Skill in the skill store that will keep patrons up to date with what’s happening at their local DCDL branch.

A first-look and live demonstration of the skill will take place at 3:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 9 at the Powell Branch Library, 460 South Liberty Road, Powell. Avneet Sarang from Pellucent Technologies in Powell and library staff will be on hand to show the skill and answer questions.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first and only skill of its kind for libraries enabled on the Amazon Echo device,” said DCDL Director George Needham. “Now patrons have another incredibly easy way to stay up to date with the fantastic and entertaining programs we provide for all ages at the Delaware County District Library.”

Sarang has been developing the Alexa Skill since the spring. Sarang is a DCDL patron who uses the Echo regularly for news and community updates. Earlier this summer he approached the Library with his idea to create an Alexa Skill that answers the question “Alexa, what’s happening at the Delaware Library?”

“Getting information quickly, by asking a simple question, and without having to go to the computer, is the future,” said Sarang. “I am extremely thrilled to develop such a voice service for DCDL’s patrons. We will continue to add more capabilities to the Alexa skill over time.”

Echo users will find the skill by going to the Amazon website, clicking on the Echo & Alexa department, and searching for “Delaware County District Library” on the Alexa Skills page. It can also be enabled through the Amazon Alexa app under Skills. Once the skill is enabled on the Echo device, users can invoke the skill by saying, “Alexa, open Delaware Library,” and then ask any of the following types of questions:

• What’s happening this weekend at the Ostrander Library?

• Are there any events tomorrow at the Delaware Library?

• Is there anything happening at the Orange Library on August 10th?

• What’s going on today at the Powell Library?

Alexa then answers the questions with specific information regarding program titles and times at the branch requested. Everything from children’s storytimes to adult book clubs and more will be at users’ request.

For information about programs and services visit our web site at or contact Communications Manager Nicole Fowles at or 740-362-3861.

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