About Us

Pellucent Technologies

Pellucent Technologies LLC. enables organizations to provide interactive audio and text / chatbot style conversations to their users on smart devices, such as smart speakers, mobile devices, wearables and other applicable devices that support the services.
With a strong background in providing consulting services in Columbus Ohio for large Financial, Insurance and Government organizations, Pellucent has ventured into Software Solutions since 2017.

Why choose Us.

Pellucent Technologies is a great advocate of promoting voice services. Pellucent strongly believes that “Getting information quickly, by asking a simple question, and without having to go to the computer, is the future”. Since early 2017, Pellucent Technologies has created Voice Apps - Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions for Public Library Systems in Central Ohio. Pellucent’s Conversational A.I. is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that enables Public Libraries to quickly onboard, with minimal efforts on their side, and go live in as little as 3 weeks, with the services for their Library System. We are continuing to grow on that front.

Our Mission.

Pellucent believes that our youth shapes the future of our country. Public Libraries are an integral part of American families, including Pellucent team’s families. Our mission has thus become to provide easy access to the information within the Public Libraries. We want to help Public Libraries’ voice to easily reach every household and benefit our families and kids...and we want to make it very easy for the Library Systems to enable these services. With the knowledge and expertise that we have gained in building Conversational A.I. solutions, we are also helping businesses, all over North America, in their Conversational A.I. journey!

What we Do.

More than 50+ library branches are now supported by Pellucent’s Conversational A.I. services. The Amazon Alexa Skills allow library patrons to quickly find out what’s happening at their local library using voice on Amazon Echo and other supported devices. The Google Assistant Actions allow library patrons to type within the Google Assistant app and get answers, chatbot style, in addition to voice on the Google Home and supported devices. With strong partnership with the Public Libraries, Pellucent is continuing to evolve the product and add more features. Voice first is the way of the future and the future is HERE!

What Clients are saying?

I have to say that working with Pellucent has been one of the best experiences of working with a vendor, in my library career. Avneet approached us with the idea of doing this, and then right from the beginning, it was a collaborative venture.

George Needham Director, Delaware County District Library

Pellucent Technologies has really been a joy to work with. We worked directly with Avneet and it is definitely a partnership between Delaware Library and Pellucent Technologies together. We feel like we have really grown the (Alexa) skill from where we began and now we are able to, not only have people ask what's happening at the Delaware Library and the different branches, but then we've even incorporated it with the Flash Briefing Skill as well.

Nicole Fowles Communications Manager, Delaware County District Library

I think this is a really important step forward and I think probably lots of libraries are going to be doing this over the next few years. I hope they're smart enough to work with Pellucent because they'll find out it's a pretty frictionless way to do it.

George Needham Director, Delaware County District Library